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3D Printing: A life-changer for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

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I need to talk to you about 3D printing. After this kind of "burnout" I made in January (see this post), I try to have a easier and better life. That's why I searched many 3D printed things to avoid some pains and dislocations. I try to have the easiest prints to do:

  • No exotic settings
  • No support or adhesion tricks
  • Printable for many printers
  • All the models are Open-source or free to use

I found so many models! They are really easy to print. I use a Creality Ender 3 Pro printer and UltiMaker Cura slicer with these settings :

  • Infill: Cubic at 50%
  • Temperature: 60°C bed / 200°C hot end
  • Print speed: 50 mm/s
  • Layer height: 0.20 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.40 mm
  • Wall: 0.80 mm with 2 walls
  • No support or adhesion

Now, I will show you some models I've printed (with pictures) and why it's good for me.

Can opener

3D-printed can opener

Creator: Jan Link to the model: Can opener

This model is the first I did and the most used one! It's really easy to use it and it ask less efforts to open a can. It's easy for many people but for me or disabled people, it's a hard task. With this tool, I'm regaining a little independence to cook for myself when I need to, and that's AWESOME. This model is my new friend.

Key turner

Assistive 3D-printed key turner

Creator: Cal Roberts Link to the model: Key turner

What is this kind of model?! I never heard about something like that but this one is really useful. I twist my fingers so many times when I need to turn a key and I never think it was possible to avoid this kind of pain. This assistive key turner is just a small bar with a slot to put the key in. I can open/close my entry door without any problem!

Pillikan, the pill-pusher

The Pill Pusher

Creator: Bla Link to the model: Pillikan pill-pusher

Called Pillycan on the model, this one help me a lot when I need to take drugs. When you don't have any force in your fingers, it's quite hard to take medication without a knife to open the blister of your analgesics. And sometimes, the knife slips... Dangerous right? How many times I asked for help to take a pill. How many times I hurt myself to do that.

Pill pushing example

With Pillikan, that's an old story! Just take the blister, push, and that's it!

Finger splint

Finger splint ring

Creator: Jazzy Plz Link to the model: Hypermobility finger splint

OK, this one help me right now! My fingers can move in every all directions and can dislocate, even when I type on keyboard! This model was made to avoid finger dislocation. The author bring a list to print this ring in many sizes (If you want to know, I use the size 8).

Note: I made my rings in PLA but I'll ask to a friend to print them in resin, to avoid bacteria harbor. Someone tell me I can also add epoxy on PLA to avoid layer aspect and to become food safe. I'll try these two techniques.


My life become easier with less pain. Thanks to all the models creators to share these wonderful models. I have some many ideas to create tools for EDS / Hypermobility. the next step is to find some great tutorials to learn how to use FreeCAD or OpenSCAD, two open-source CAD softwares. Of course, when my models will be released, they'll all be open-source!

If you like this post, support me with a upvote and/or a reblog. Also feel free to comment if you have models to share or if you have some questions.

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Comments :

itharagaian :

Thos eprinters can defenetely help people ! Happy you find some help there!


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thisismylife :

I'm sorry to read that you are in so much pain and struggling to do these daily tasks that seem so normal to most.

It's great to see that they have these little tools to assist you doing these tasks without pain! All these tools above are new to me but I'm surely going to remember them.

Take care :)


pizzabot :

$PIZZA slices delivered: @thisismylife(2/5) tipped @bambukah

jerrytsuseer :

Very good stuff @bambukah I'm glad you found some assistance without having to ask for assistance # ↑Upvoted↑and←Reblogged→
edeyglezsosa :

These tools are really useful and it's amazing everything that can be created with a 3D printer.

Estas herramientas son realmente útiles y es sorprendente todo lo que se puede crear con una impresora 3D.

skiptvads :

In my world of ignorance I didnt know of EDS, the pill pusher would be great for me, most of the time Im afraid I will destroy the pill or the package or even cut myself ending with a nasty paper cut type, I have been wanting to buy a 3D printer but still havent decided because of the learning cure it would take me to learn how to use the slicer and all the details that come with 3d printer, rn probably not the best time since most likely it will just sit collecting dust, but I dont want to may be close to the end of this year start with a basic one

jamerussell :

Nice tools, that 3D printing device seems like an excellent idea Bam!!!

nattymitty :

@circogatto tienes que ver esto!

phoenixwren :

The finger splint!! I have one I bought off a spoonie artisan made out of titanium (because I also have nickel allergy, so a lot of metals are a no-go but titanium is good). I use it specifically when I am chopping food in the kitchen, because the way I hold knives gets my knuckles stuck in an overextended position and I have to pull them out and it hurts. It keeps my finger from overextending, those are great!

hive-103505 :

L'imprimante 3D est génial au boulot on as une , mais pour faire des vise , des poigné ou des choses du type petit travaux , des fois j'ai envie de demander à l'ingénieur qui s'en sert de me faire une attèle de jambe pour pas à avoir à me plier .

seckorama :

Yes, the 3D printer could be useful in some cases. !DHEDGE

dhedge :

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mdakash62 :

Awesome made a peel dresser that looks great and would be great for home kitchen work. I hope that the creator always gives you the ability to create all creations. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family

john0928 :

Wow, you are very brilliant invertor, I've never known that with using 3d printers and making simple things can be a very big help in performing a certain task, specially in the can opener you make ,that was nice. 🤗 greetings

mdasein :


skm74 :

I do use 3D printing on regular basis for prototyping my products. But yours is truly amazing. Great use of technology.

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