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Guess who's back? Even if it's hard, I'm happy to be alive.

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Hello everyone! I'm back! It's been awhile, nah?

OK, I must explain the reasons for my prolonged absence. It's not only because I'm ill, it's also because I have a real life and it was very shitty/bad for me.

Let's take a look of this at a few points.

My new profile picture by @achara1202


The most obvious but the biggest point is my health. So much pain and so much medical appointments for me these past months. And It will continue as it for few months too.

But now, I have fewer problems! Better diet, new glasses, more muscles with better (physiotherapy) exercices... My health is now "good." And by good, I mean tolerable. It's not as good as I wish but it's better than last weeks I lived.

A brief aside about my glasses: Recently, my eyesight has deteriorated considerably. I was almost blind. And now I only have temporary glasses with a small vision correction. It's better now but not the best. I'll have new glasses next year.

The next steps will be beneficial for me. After eyesight, I'll take time to have some medical appointments for my teeth, my legs, my back, orthopedic shoes, new pain relief treatment and so much more.

I really want to go quickly about my health, but it's quite expensive and I need to take my time too (for my psychological health). We'll be in touch regularly about my "body's improvements."


As some of you knows, I have a small part-time job too. And it's take... half of my time. That's also why my projects haven't made much progress. The bad news is I'll have a full-time job. But the good news is this full-time job is only temporary! (12/14 weeks)

I won't have any holidays this year, but it's cool because I'll have more money to pay everything I need about my health. Also, It's not a really difficult job. It's tailored to my situation and my coworkers and my managers are awesome people.

Also, I'll have time to do my personal projects and have some good news about them but before that, Here's my personal situation.

Photography of me by @achara1202


Last weeks was so hard for me: a close friend who has died, an ex-girlfriend who pissed me off after 10 years to paid an error SHE did, my parents have two cancers EACH, some problems with my computers, mandatory home improvements for my health...

It was really difficult but, after seeing my therapist and with support from my beloved ones, I'm better now. It's still tough, but it's going to get better and better. I just hope that there will be no further problems in the near future.

I'm still fragile now, but I do everything I can to keep getting better. And that's also why I don't posts anything this last weeks. But I can restart to post right now.

What's next?

About me

I'll continue most of the good things to be better. As the title said, I'll never give up and will try to do my best to have the best life I can have. The most difficult part is to take my time to avoid damaging myself. I need to do some "baby steps" before get back to my normal rhythm.

About HIVE

I will continue to make some posts but now, I'll try to do more posts in French, more posts about my projects, more post about web development, some posts about music band I discover/love, ... I have so many ideas for that. I also have many posts ready to be published. Maybe I'll take more time do create content, but I don't know what is the balance between coding projects and create content. I'll try some things to do the most without tiring myself out too much.

About all my HIVE projects (SuperHiveHiveLive or Hive Multi Staker), it's now time to slowly start updating everything again. I have plenty ideas to have better projects for HIVE, and now, I'll take a couple of hours a week, just for that. I already work on an automatized tokens distribution for communities, but I'll talk about this tool in a future post.

About everything else

I'll do my best to do everything I can/want to do. There are plenty of things to have less stress and more happiness for me. The road will be long but Happiness is the road (Author's note: it's a good song from Marillion band. You can listen here).


It's a small post about my present situation, and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some questions or just want to share some words with me, the comments section is open :)

Also, as usual, if you want to support all my content and my projects, please up-vote this post.

Have a nice day and take care of you and your beloved ones.

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melinda010100 :

Sounds like life is getting better and that you have good plan to move forward! I'm so glad that you will be able to be back with us again! !DHEDGE

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Yay! 🤗
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chaosmagic23 :

Good to see you back again. Also good that your health is going in the right direction. Best wishes for that. I remember you were working on superhive and other projects. Can't wait till it's finally there so I can test it. Looking forward to your future posts.

!ALIVE !DHEDGE !hivebits !hiqvotes

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good to see you back man! :

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hivetrending :

Welcome back!

ciderjunkie :

Welcome back my friend... most important of all is YOU ARE BACK, and YOU ARE ALIVE, and believe me now its time for your raising and you will fly like pheonix out of the ashes.... go forward... dont look back past you cant change and as more you watch behind your way you cant see the sun in front of you

thekittygirl :

We missed you! Glad some things are improving! 💜

jerrytsuseer :

Hi Florent, so good to see you back and with all this optimistic news! I tried this post in both ecency and now in Peakd, but none of your images loaded. I've been having issues with Chrome, so that may be it, and nothing to do with your post.

All in all, seems like things are looking up for you my friend! Keep that trend going. # ↑Upvoted↑and←Reblogged→
coinjoe :

Good to meet you and glad to hear things are improving for you. Hope to see you around more in the Terminal in the future. Look forward to more posts from you as well.

pinkchic :

Wow! Happy to see that you are back my friend. The Terminal server missed you too. Once again, welcome back and I hope you are well. Have a nice time and take care always. !PIZZA

drydia :

Hello Bambú ❤️

It's nice to see you here again 😁

Everything will get better and don't ever doubt about how strong you are 😉

momogrow :

All the best wishes for continued good health.

drakernoise :

Hi @bambukah ,

I see your pain and all the suffering from your slight "list" of issues around your life. Life is that way sometimes, you know, those that resist will win....

Sending you my best vibes and 🤗

ratel :

Good luck bro, you are on the mend, which means everything is not so bad, the main thing is not to lose heart!

slothlydoesit :

Great to see you back and Hiving! Most important thing to focus on is your health! Take your time, some things can’t be rushed. Sloth and steady wins the race!

brittandjosie :

Hi there and thank you for this update. Life is a bitch ain’t it but you are doing better. Good will come and the glasses and the haircut look posh. The hive community missed ya and we are here when you need is. Plan ahead and do what is possible Happy hive pud today and the second half year will start

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Glad you are feeling better and to see you back! „automized tokens distribution for communities?“ I am all ears :) !hiqvote

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tengolotodo :

Welcome back bambukah, life certainly does throw us curve balls on a continual basis.

barski :

A new page of the book is open :) !BEER

xplosive :

We are similar in the aspect that I am also visually impaired (and I have other disabilities too). So I know from personal experience what it is like. I really hope that your eyesight soon will be restored.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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guruvaj :

Welcome back. Give yourself plenty of rest. Our health is our real wealth.