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Date: 11/26/2021 - Upvotes : 109 - Words : 190

HE-Twitch - Your donation bot for streamers accepting Hive-Engine Tokens!

If you want the french version, go to the French post.

@itharagaian and @bambukah are happy to present HE-Twitch! Hoping you're gonna love it!


What does it do ?

HE-Twitch is a PHP script made for streamers having a HIVE account. The script allows to print an animation on the live stream, with a sound played for each Hive-engine token donation.


Example: @itharagaian is accepting ECU donations on his Twitch Stream

Available for free as open source

HE-Twitch is open source and already available on official GitHub. Feel free to download it for free.

What's next

In the near future you will be able to:

  • Accept Hive and HBD
  • Follow several HE tokens at the same time

Following demand, we can check feasability of hosting a webservice (without installation) to use this script without technical knowledge.

Ideas Remarks and Comments...

We are available in the comment section for all return of experience, or good ideas. And be sure to upvote and reblog to support our project!

Community Rewards

Rewards from votes on this post will be shared between the community for which the project was made (@entraide.rewards), the dev (@bambukah) and the one who brought the idea (@itharagaian).

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Comments :

florenceboens :

Congrats ! !PIZZA

pizzabot :

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hive-143869 :

@bambukah , Thank you for your code ... Let's hope we bring more proejcts like this one, together, in the future ! Is fun to work with you. !PIZZA

hivebuzz :

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cookaiss :

Congratulations for the development of this project and the start of production !PIZZA

thekittygirl :

This is excellent! Besides being a useful tool for monetizing Twitch accounts, it will also serve as subtle marketing for the Hive ecosystem! Bravo! 🙌

zzz.accounting :

This can indeed help streamers to grow their own community around their own token Gratz to both of you

demotry :

this is great !PIZZA !LUV

brittandjosie :

Full vote from me

mondoshawan :

looks like you are s'bot on... 😁

pundito :

Real nice development! To use it one needs a web server somewhere, right?

yaziris :

Very nice project 👍 I think this would help twitchers and give more exposure to the Hive at the same time.

simplegame :

This is Amazing work! Can't wait for the Hive & HBD functionality.

I will be using this very soon.

ivarbjorn :

This is a great project! I might be setting this up on my stream.


thebeardflex :

I'm just getting around to checking this out. Very cool initiative! I will see about running this over on my PIZZA streams and provide you some feedback.

Keep it up!