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Hive Engine net work status API : Get the health of Hive-Engine nodes

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Hello everyone ! This week-end, I've made a small project which can help every HIVE project or token developer. It's not a big thing but it can be helpful. This one is the latest addition to HiveLive galaxy. Ladies & gentlemen, please welcome the Hive-Engine Network status.

Network Status Logo


This tool is a small API for developer. I will check all the Hive-Engine nodes and returns the list, sorted by ping, of every node (with some data). It's really useful to improve the experience of your project.

It can allow you or your users to switch to the best Hive-Engine API node. No more bugs or freezes from the API node you use, just get the best node from Hive-Engine Network status and execute your query on the node.

At this time, there is two endpoint to use:

  • /all to bring the list sorted by ping (the first the fastest)
  • /best bring only the fastest node

By using them, you'll have a JSON response with, per node:

  • url: link of the node
  • name: hostname of the node
  • online: online status
  • ping: ping of the node, in ms
  • version: version of Hive-Engine running on node
  • nodeType: full or light
  • chain: what chain is executed by the node (mainnet or testnet)

Easy, isn't it? I choose to bring only easy and fast way to improve any project which use Hive-Engine.


It's quite good for a "week-end project". But on my discord server, after talking about that, some users have plenty of ideas:

  • Scan the Hive nodes
  • Add more tests
  • Endpoints with data, or not
  • Many more...

What do you think about Hive-Engine Network status ? IF you know some developers who have some problems with Hive-Engine nodes, just talk with them about my project :)

As usual, if you like my works, you can upvote and reblog this post. And if you have some idea, questions or feedback, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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Comments :

pravesh0 :

Keep going bro. You are doing lot of development lately and we all love it!!!


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themarkymark :

You need to test if they are valid, this only checks response time not if they are currently valid and caught up. This is a big problem with Hive Engine nodes they frequently get behind and other issues, but will respond to pings without a problem. So this really only helps if all the nodes are functioning (which is almost never).

flaxz :

Great start, but as Marky pointed out the really useful info is if the node is in sync or behind, in BeeSwap you have a ticker down below that shows the delay from Hive in seconds, up to 10 seconds is an ok value while higher than 15 seconds is not.


ecency :

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mercadomaestro :

This is really cool Bambukah. I could see this helping project managers avoid a lot of potential headaches and smooth out the development process for building an app!

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