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Hive PHP Lib Update: New logo, HiveEngine tables and more quality

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As you know, my HIVE projects are coded in PHP. I've built a library 6 months ago and it's time to update it. After TokenDistrib and MultiStaker, please welcome the Hive PHP Lib update!

Hive PHP Lib new logo

For those who don't know, Hive PHP Lib is a open-source library that allows to interact with HIVE blockchain using PHP. Its mission is to facilitate the development of HIVE projects in PHP in order to attract new devs.

If you already use it on your project, just go to your project folder and update this lib with Composer : composer update hive/hive-php-lib

What's new?

I have a new logo for this project but there's more !

This update is made to add many methods to interact with [Hive Engine]( I added so many functions:


  • balances
  • delegations
  • pendingUnstakes
  • pendingUndelegations
  • contractsBalances
  • params


  • buyBook
  • sellBook
  • tradesHistory
  • metrics


  • params
  • nft
  • pendingUndelegations
  • SYMBOLinstances

Code Quality

I want to make an "Enterprise Class" library and that's why I use some Standards (like PSR), some tools (like Psalm and PHP_CodeSniffer) and DocBlocks to generate documentation with comments in code.

In this small Hive PHP Lib update, I've also fixed some syntax warnings and add more and more quality in HiveLayer and HeLayer.

What's next ?

In the future, I want to add every function to read HIVE blockchain and Hive Engine sidechain. Some people ask me to create some "Shortcut functions" to made interactions easier.

Also, I really want to add all the cryptographic part to add all the functions of the blockchain (like transaction broadcasting), but I really need to avoid external dependencies. This library must be installed on every server (shared or dedicated) without library like GMP. It's a great challenge I'd like to take on.


Hope you'll enjoy this Hive PHP Lib update. As usual, if you like my work, don't forget to upvote and/or share this post. Also, if you have some feedback, question or ideas, fell free to comment.

Have a nice day !

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Great job bro. Will check this...

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Great job. Keep going!

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Evolving and improving HIVE awesome! Thank you for your time and dedication

szejq :

Hello 😊 I started using your library for my HE project. I've made some changes, improved it, if it's an open project and I can collaborate, I'll send you some Commits - if you find them valuable, you can join the library.

I tried to send but I don't have access, share it for Szejq? 🙂

Username for '': Szejq Password for '': remote: You are not allowed to push code to this project. fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403