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HiveLive Proposal: Developing Open-Source tools & services on Hive

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Dear Hive users,

I'm so happy and excited to present my proposal about the HiveLive universe. If you don't know, HiveLive is composed of six projects and each project has its mission. That's why I want to take one year to develop these projects as far as I can.

The first steps are already made. All these projects already work and are already used by many (MANY) users. I also choose to have the same design, colors, and UI/UX to be consistent and to create a great "universe" of Hive apps. If you want to know more, just check this post.

TL;DR (too long; don't read)

For those who don't have time, HiveLive is composed of 6 projects :

This proposal is made for:

  • Full-time Hive-dedicated work (code/posts/docs / ...)
  • Open-sourcing all the code I write
  • Regular publication of posts
  • External freelancers/contractors for work I can't do, will be paid for the work
  • Rewards for every HiveLive project contributions
  • Marketing and advertisements outside of Hive
  • Recurring costs (Servers, maintenance, ...)
  • Additional costs (Tools, internationalization, ...)

That's why I ask 24972 HBD for 6 months / 138 HBD per day for 180 days.

To support my work, just support this proposal by following your favorite link:

Ecency / PeakD / wallet / HiveSigner

Welcome to the "Open-Source Era"

When I look at Hive projects, many of them are Open-source. And that's why Hive-PHP-Lib, SuperHive and TokenDistrib are already Open-source.

Some projects were done in a "Quick & Dirty" style. Before open-sourcing them, I need to refactor some parts to follow best coding practices.

To bring more quality and more usability, I also need to write more good documentation. Every project can be used by everyone. I already started with Hive-PHP-Lib developer documentation (automatically generated for developers).

But it's not enough for me. I want to go further and add a transparency layer. When the code is Open, it's a great start but why not apply the open-source philosophy to other aspects? I want to start with my roadmap. Everything I will make will have more transparency about its progress.

For that, I use:

Do you want something more? I publish the HiveLive design guidelines (created by @achara1202) to show everything about UX/UI. Even more? All the code and content are Open source and can be found on the HiveLive GitHub repository.

The ultimate goal is to bring more quality and more openness to Hive in every aspect of each project.

The Projects

Now you know what will be made; we can talk about what has already been done, Let me introduce you to each project.

Small logo projects list


Imagine a fully Hive-based Content Management System, that's SuperHive!

You can create your theme (On my ToDo list, I'll create a design builder for non-tech people) and your features like any other CMS! Do you want a real HIVE blog? Now, you can!

I built SuperHive with two main ideas:

  • User customization (Easy theme system)
  • Very easy to use (don't think about performance, tech stuff, or SEO, it's automagically made)

Many things were already made (it's one of my oldest Hive projects.) and it continues to be updated. Now, SuperHive is at 0.8.0 version and you can see what's new in the last update post.

It's already Open-source and you can see the code on the Superhive GitHub repo.


HiveStream is a web service that brings Hive & Hive Engine donations to streamers. It's compatible with many software & platforms. When a donation is made, an animation appears on the stream.

Each streamer can log in to HiveStream and access the dashboard. Many things can be customized like GIF animation, text color, font,...

The latest update was made to include Kick platform, custom fonts for donation notification, minimum amount, and some bug fixes.

With more than 100 users, HiveStream needs to add more professional features to attract more streamers all around the world.

Hive MultiStaker

It's an "all-in-one" tool to manage Hive-Engine tokens. Started with only one button to stake all tokens, this project is far better now and has many features. You can try and take a look by following the MultiStaker link. At this time, you can:

  • Claim rewards manually or automatically
  • Stake all or part of your tokens, all at once
  • Unstake all or part of your tokens, all at once too
  • Bulk send your tokens to another account.

Latest update came with a new UI, bug fixes, code cleaning, and the "send to another account" feature.

Token Distrib

Some communities reward delegators with some tokens in exchange of HP delegation. But without tools, it's very difficult to do and it takes so much time! Get all shares, calculate percentages, ... That's why I made TokenDistrib. It's open-source, the code can be found on the GitHub repo and you can try this tool on the official website

The first version was released with many features:

  • Get the delegators list from the start account
  • Change the status of each delegator: Listed/Redistribution/Hold
  • Choose the sender account (if it's different from the start account)
  • Generate the table with data to verify
  • Create the query for HiveKeychain or HiveSigner.

If you want to know more, just read the release post

Network Status

At first, his project was just done to help me choose the fastest Hive-Engine node and get the health of the Hive-Engine network.

But when I made the first release post, I've got many reactions (On Discord, in comments, ...). Now, I want to create a real API for Hive, HiveSQL and Hive-Engine to check everything.

With this API, every developer can fetch the best node to avoid bugs in his/her application. If you are a developer, just take a look at Network Status

I've made a small release in November to add more tests and HiveSQL. At this time, this API contains only three Hive-Engine endpoints :

  • /all to have the list of all Hive-Engine nodes
  • /best to only fetch the best node
  • /hivesql to have HiveSQL status

Hive PHP Lib

This library is made to onboard more developers on Hive. As you know, We have JS, Python, Ruby, and Rust libraries for Hive. This one is made with PHP, is fully open-sourced (MIT license), and is available on the Hive GitLab repo.

All projects presented above use this library to interact with the Hive blockchain. It's an "enterprise-class" lib that is fully compliant with PHP coding standards (PHP-PDS, PSR-12, ...) and I use static analysis tools to bring better quality. This lib is already downloaded more than 150+ times.

The first production version was already released. With that, any PHP developer can easily create something on Hive.

Other future projects

Of course, in my free time, I can also do more things, and I already have some ideas:

  • NFT features for other services (Discord/Slack/...)
  • HiveLive projects internationalization
  • HiveWriter - Hive for book writer
  • The Hive Box (an electronic DIY stuff)
  • Go to meetups (I've already made Hive Zeeland Meetup last October)


This proposal is for 24972 HBD, 138 HBD per day for 6 months. This amount includes:

  • Full-time Hive-dedicated work (code/posts/docs / ...)
  • Open-sourcing all the code I write
  • Regular publication of posts
  • External freelancers/contractors for work I can't do, will be paid for the work
  • Rewards for every HiveLive project contributions
  • Marketing and advertisements outside of Hive
  • Recurring costs (Servers, maintenance, ...)
  • Additional costs (Tools, internationalization, ...)


Open source is needed to bring more transparency at every step of development. Hive ecosystem needs more quality and open-source projects. To enhance Hive experience, we need to improve the quality and efficiency of every open project.

Every step will be documented and monitored regularly.

As usual, if you have feedback/ideas/suggestions or just want to discuss, feel free to comment!

Also, you can join the HiveLive Discord server to talk with us in real time.

To support my work, just support this proposal by following your favorite link:

Ecency / PeakD / wallet / HiveSigner

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