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Date: 11/11/2022 - Upvotes : 206 - Words : 408

HiveLive streamer update : Custom fonts, Minimal amount, and more !

It was long, wasn't it ? But I'm back with an good update for HiveLive, the Hive & HiveEngine donation service.

HiveLive logo

Many thanks to @itharagaian (the original idea was from this man) & @ykretz, 2 french streamers who allowed me to test and code features directly on live stream.

Many improvements and 2 new features are here !

Custom fonts for streamer browser source

After text color, and font size, please welcome the font selection ! Based on Google Fonts, I add nearly 20 new fonts. You can select one of them and see the result in real-time !

Full fonts list

If you want a new font, Just ask them in a comment, and I'll add it :)

Minimal amount to display donation

Some streamers ask me to not show the 0.001 transactions. Now, you can choose! Just connect into your HiveLive panel and choose the minimal amount to display.

Minimal Amount option

New rewards accounts blacklist

Some transactions are not donations but they are rewards you gain. That's why I update the list to avoid rewards display. The list is here: Accounts list. If you want to remove or add some accounts from the list, as usual, just tell me in the comments section!

Some bug fixes and improvements

Many bugs was found and It was a pain to fix them. But it's ok now, here is the list :

  • No Blockchain query while display the donation to avoid two (or 3) displays at the same time
  • Reduced timeframe between HIVE and HiveEngine queries
  • Fix the "fade out" effect after donation
  • Reduce the black text border to 1 pixel (will be custom in the future)
  • Fix display bug in the panel on Safari browser


At the beginning, I made HiveLive for streamers, but I see many users who use the Donation page on their profile page to make donations easier and it's a really good usage of my project. It's easier and faster to support someone with HiveLive. If You want to test with my profile, please click on my donation page if you want to test it.

Do you like this project? Do you want new features? You find a bug? Please, feel free to add a comment! As usual, if you like my work, please upvote or reblog this post.

Have a great day!

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Toujours dispo dans le futur pour d'autres tests ;) !PIZZA

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Bom trabalho !LUV

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I'll have to see about adding this to my stream on vimm

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wesphilbin :


As more people continue to spread the positive energy about all of your creations. I think it can only get better and better! First and foremost; always good to hear from you... I know you battle your own life issues. But that's never really stopped you from continuing to try and make the blockchain a better place... via all of the awesome things you create.

Thank you!

@tipu curate !LUV

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