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HiveLive Universe is now open

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Once upon a time... I started to use HIVE and it was an awesome experience. I've never stopping using this blockchain. But at a certain time, with some friends, we need some tools to a easier use. As a developer, this was the starting point of an adventure.

Back to the present, I've made many tools and projects with HIVE blockchain and many users tell me to do something like a hub with them. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the HiveLive universe !

The beautiful logo of HiveLive


As you've seen this last weeks, I have many tools I've updated and for some reasons, many users ask more about this tool or that project they don't know. It was obvious : I need a portal with all my projects.

But, how? It's simple, many projects are hosted on the old HiveLive project server (will talk about it later). So, I choose to transform this project to HiveStream and transform HiveLive to a new projects hub !

The HiveLive Hub

HiveLive is a centralisation of links about my projects, One name to link them all.

Design and logo

I must talk about the new logo and design. Made by @achara1202, the logo is nearly the same for all my project but if you are a little careful, you can see that the colors change. Each color represent a galaxy :

  • The blue one is for User tools, like MultiStaker or TokenDistrib
  • The red one is for Video, for HiveStream
  • The yellow one is taken for Developer, and Hive-PHP-Lib is the first
  • The green one was made for Writing, for SuperHive
  • Purple and Orange are not yet in use

All my work use now the Nord color palette and the design is homogeneous between the projects I made. One small detail is about your browser : If you use the Dark theme for your browser, you'll have the dark palette but if you use the light theme, you'll have the light one.

The dark and light palette used by my projects

Projects presentation

Most people often ask me "what is this project ?" so it's time to do a small presentation for each project!


SuperHive is the first and the bigger one project I have on this blockchain. It's a blog engine like WordPress, but fully HIVE-Based. It allows you to create your personal blog/website with your HIVE content.

SuperHive have many advantages :

  • SEO and technical optimisations are already built in SuperHive. Just write your content, don't think about tech stuff
  • Totally free, open-source and will be like that FOREVER
  • You can easily build your theme with HTML / CSS (and JS if you want)
  • Everything you write on Hive blockchain can be displayed in your SuperHive instance, regardless of your preferred platform
  • Secure, accessible and fast

You can find more on the @superhive account, on the official website or on the GitHub repository.

New (but old) challenger: HiveStream

HiveStream is stricly the same as the old-HiveLive. It's a tool to bring your livestream to a new level with Hive and HiveEngine tokens donation.

It's really easy to use and I have a good news : HiveStream have more than 100 users! Thank you very much to all of you! Also, I know some of you just are not streamers and use this project for the donation page. I love that :)

I've made a UI redesign to have the same universe as my other projects.

Two bugs are fixed too :

  • If you have a '-' (dash) in your nickname, you couldn't log in properly. It's now fixed
  • Some people had a problem with image upload (Thank @unklebonehead for the bug report). It's good now !

Give a try by go to the HiveStream website.

Hive PHP Lib

This one is a great tool for PHP developer who want to add HIVE into web projects. I made all I can to made Hive development with PHP easier and better.

This library is released under the MIT license, fully open-source and really easy to install and use.

If you want to know more about this project, go to the Hive PHP Lib official repository


This one is the most used. Many Hive users know MultiStaker. It's a HiveEngine token tool for :

  • Claim tokens rewards
  • Stake all or part of your tokens
  • Unstake all or part of your tokens
  • Send your selected tokens to another account

It's the easiest tool for these operations. Just enter your Hive account, select what you want, and... that's all :)

Take a look at MultiStaker and tell me if you like or if you need something in comments.


The last but not the least ! TokenDistrib is made for people or communities who wants to share some tokens with delegatees.

This project have many options for Community owners like :

  • The distribution method (listed, redistribution, hold rewards)
  • Select the sender account (if the community account is different from the sender)
  • Verify each line of payment

If you need any new feature, feel free to ask in the comments.

Logos of all my projects.png

It's a new era for my projects and I hope you enjoy this new HiveLive. This universe take time so, if you want to support me, feel free to upvote and/or share this post. Don't forget to comment if you have feedback or questions.

Have a nice day and a great life!

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unklebonehead :

Nice! A central hub for your projects are an awesome idea and I'm glad you set it up this way. Your stuff is always so fricking awesome!! Thank you for all you do!

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tengolotodo :

This is cool, I have one question though @bambukah To use SuperHive you have to download?

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Super cool innovations. Keep it up

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gargi :

Innovative project... Keep it up... But what is purpose of it ?? Kindly explain me... Didn't understand it

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Nice innovations. Good one.

I think I like the MultiTasker.

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mercadomaestro :

Nice work Bambukah! I look forward to incorporating HiveStream into my future livestreams AND getting my own instance of SuperHive up and running on my Raspberry Pi!

wittyzell :

Awesome! πŸ₯³ It’s easy to navigate now because it’s all in one page. Great work as always @bambukah!!


mobbs :

Well if nothing else you've taught me I apparently have hundreds of random tokens I've never heard of, cool!

But for real I'm going through these and pretty excited. I have a plan to build my own site for certain things and fully intended to get Hive implemented into it somehow for payments and/or blog updates. Interesting indeeeeeed....

theguruasia :


szejq :

Hello @bambukah, i made some improvements in your project for Hive PHP Lib HE, all data is not fetched correctly. I wrote to you here, but got no reply πŸ™‚ I don't want to work all over again, just add the improvements to your library. Do you want to support it or is it better if I fork your project into a personal one?

thekittygirl :

This is a great milestone! Bravo! πŸ˜ƒ

chocolatescorpi :

How exciting! Congratulations to you and thank you for everything that you do for Hive- and us too!

I LOVE having a centralised portal- especially when in on such a special de-centralised space. (I've got a memory like a sieve and even less time, so I need to have everything in front of me- otherwise out of sight, out of mind!

So thank you once again! πŸ˜ƒ

arc7icwolf :

Awesome! I didn't know some of your projects and having one hub to find them all in one click is cool and useful. Great work, love it!

mypathtofire :

Great work. I need to try the streaming service. Are there any starting info?

It would be really great to see a project like on Hive and could lead to more hive signups if you looking for more project ideas πŸ™‚

milei :

Es un metaverso ?

nexo.voter :

How many incredible tools to use. Thank you for your work!

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