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Date: 07/08/2022 - Upvotes : 318 - Words : 293

HiveLive Update : streamer panel and customisation.

Wow, that's was a long time without any update. But after the SuperHive update, it's time to add some features to my other Hive project: HiveLive.

Before all, I must thanks @unklebonehead for his ability to break everything, the best beta-tester I've ever met !

What's new in this update ?

Streamer panel

When you login with HiveKeychain, a new panel is here ! You have now new features inside it .

Full view of Streamer panel

At this time, it's only most requested features but this panel was made to receive more and more features !

Of course, old links are always available for those who don't follow update.



When logged in, you have many features to custom your donation design :

  • Custom GIF : you can now upload your GIF
  • Font-size : Change the text size as you wish
  • Text color : you can choose the color of the text
  • Values color : but also the values color
  • Hide Message : if you want to display donation without message

Bug fixes & tweaks

This update have some bugfixes too :

  • No more displaying error in Edge & Safari
  • TwitchStudio is now fully compatible
  • Fix offset in StreamLabs & OBS with small resolution(720p)
  • Cleaner & lighter code for donation page
  • Fix 'enforce' bug for donation with Hive Keychain

What's next ?

This update is only a transition for more features like :

  • Login into donation page to choose only available tokens
  • Social autopost when start a stream
  • Maybe other cryptos
  • Many other tweaks / bug fixes and features

As usual, if you have question, feedbacks or request, just tell me by comment this post. If you like my work, don't forget to upvote and share this post. Hope you'll enjoy this update ! My Discord server is also open if you want to join us :)

Have a Nice day !

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wesphilbin :


Congratulations on continuing to add to your awesome creation! Also... kudos to Mr. @unklebonehead for being your Beta-Tester on this!! Good to see your creations continuing to make a difference on the blockchain, and for providing Streamers this extra ability!!

@tipu curate !LUV $PIMP

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wesphilbin :

Have some !WINE

itharagaian :

Shame on me, I forgot to go check it, doing it no later than now ! :-) !PGM !PIZZA

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seckorama :

Progress looks good. Unfortunately, I don't have enough bandwidth for live streams :( !BEER

beerlover :

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Hey @bambukah, here is a little bit of BEER from @seckorama for you. Enjoy it!

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unklebonehead :

for his ability to break everything, the best beta-tester I've ever met !

Lol! Thats exactly the same reaction I got from the guys @aureal

cryptokungfu :


waliphoto :

wow it looks really very beautiful i really like the latest design and look

manuchio :

Sorry, but do I have to put the "Browser source link (for stream)" in my OBS for it to appear in the streams? Greetings and thanks for the work you do!😁