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Date: 01/09/2022 - Upvotes : 184 - Words : 287

HiveMultiStaker Update : Checkboxes, HiveSigner & More !

For a project that I thought was small, the success of the project was very big! I have many differents feedbacks about it. Thank you for that.

So I listened to many of you and here is the first update from HMS.

You can select what you stake

Many of you ask me this feature ! Almost everyone has asked me that actually. I did it !


That's right, you now have checkboxes to choose what you stake ! And I've also added a "Select All" checkbox for those who want everything.

Welcome to HiveSigner !

Even if you don't have HiveKeychain, you can still use HMS!


HiveKeychain is an extension and if you don't want to install it, you can still use HMS with HiveSigner. You have nothing to do: if you don't have HiveKeychain, the button automatically changes to Hivesigner.

Bugfixes and tweaks

It's not an update if there are no bugs to fix. That's how I fix 2 small bugs :

  • Sort (alphabetically) the tokens list
  • Disable button after click to avoid double tokens list at the same time

To finish, I have added a DNS-Prefetch for faster loading. There is no more waiting time!


HMS was warmly welcomed by you and that's why I'll update this tool regularly. A Big thanks to @theterminal Community who helps me every day to keep up the good work (of course, it will be a 10% beneficiary of this post).

The comments section is open for feedbacks, ask a feature or for any message intended for me (or not)

Have a nice day, a nice life and have fun with HMS!

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Comments :

libertycrypto27 :

Great work Your tool Is very useful @tipu curate

brittandjosie :

So thank you on behalf of the staff that you donate 10% itโ€™s so nice but we love having an in-house dev ๐Ÿ˜‰

pravesh0 :

You never fail to impress. This has to be one of my favorite tools, now I can stake all my tokens with one click. Thank you for your contribution to the hive ecosystem.

stickupboys :

Another piece of excellent work! well done bro you are on it!

blockchainyouth :

Seriously useful bit of gear!

hivebuzz :

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token-thx :

Just perfect


invest-time :


token-thx :

et le sens inverse pourrais ce faire ?

lemouth :

I have the impression that there is an unwanted behaviour here. When I try to stake all tokens from an account and click on "Stake Them Now", I am automatically redirected to the Hivesigner page. I however have Hive Keychain and I would like to use the latter.

Cheers, and thanks for your work!

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ecency :

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ancolie :

Merci merci !!! vraiment super et facile d'utilisation :)

pizzabot :
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icon-bassey :


igormuba :

That us very useful, finally I can stake the dust

azamrai :

Great work! I would love to stake all tokens. Thank you for this