Florent Kosmala

Date: 01/09/2022 - Upvotes : 184 - Words : 262

HiveMultiStaker Update : Checkboxes, HiveSigner & More !

For a project that I thought was small, the success of the project was very big! I have many differents feedbacks about it. Thank you for that. So I listened to many of you and here is the first update from [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me). ## You can select what you stake Many of you ask me this feature ! Almost everyone has asked me that actually. I did it ! ![HMS-Checkboxes.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/23tGVUkTnTVFF3gesEp92pwBDAD6Ux8AQw7AQdXfv3v7MwnM11rQrCvtrodREgrZjXKbT.png) That's right, you now have checkboxes to choose what you stake ! And I've also added a "Select All" checkbox for those who want everything. ## Welcome to HiveSigner ! Even if you don't have HiveKeychain, you can still use [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me)! ![HMS-HiveSigner.png](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/Eo4KDWNeajn2EZsEAatWfB2a3RyMWf21UeonjFM8qsi8s5yvoAUND5EaWvZTDsoLgpj.png) HiveKeychain is an extension and if you don't want to install it, you can still use [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me) with HiveSigner. You have nothing to do: if you don't have HiveKeychain, the button automatically changes to Hivesigner. ## Bugfixes and tweaks It's not an update if there are no bugs to fix. That's how I fix 2 small bugs : - Sort (alphabetically) the tokens list - Disable button after click to avoid double tokens list at the same time To finish, I have added a DNS-Prefetch for faster loading. There is no more waiting time! ## Conclusion [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me) was warmly welcomed by you and that's why I'll update this tool regularly. A Big thanks to @theterminal Community who helps me every day to keep up the good work (of course, it will be a 10% beneficiary of this post). The comments section is open for feedbacks, ask a feature or for any message intended for me (or not) Have a nice day, a nice life and have fun with [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me)!

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libertycrypto27 :

Great work Your tool Is very useful @tipu curate

brittandjosie :

So thank you on behalf of the staff that you donate 10% itโ€™s so nice but we love having an in-house dev ๐Ÿ˜‰

pravesh0 :

You never fail to impress. This has to be one of my favorite tools, now I can stake all my tokens with one click. Thank you for your contribution to the hive ecosystem.

stickupboys :

Another piece of excellent work! well done bro you are on it!

blockchainyouth :

Seriously useful bit of gear!

hivebuzz :

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token-thx :

Just perfect !ALIVE !PGM !LOL

invest-time :


token-thx :

et le sens inverse pourrais ce faire ?

lemouth :

I have the impression that there is an unwanted behaviour here. When I try to stake all tokens from an account and click on "*Stake Them Now*", I am automatically redirected to the Hivesigner page. I however have Hive Keychain and I would like to use the latter. Cheers, and thanks for your work! [upvoted for visibility]

ecency :

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ancolie :

Merci merci !!! vraiment super et facile d'utilisation :)

pizzabot :

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icon-bassey :


igormuba :

That us very useful, finally I can stake the dust

azamrai :

Great work! I would love to stake all tokens. Thank you for this