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Date: 03/01/2022 - Upvotes : 167 - Words : 393

HiveMultiStaker Update : New logo, Unstake, Claim and Autoclaim

Hello HIVE friends ! Hope you are well. It's time for a small [**HiveMultiStaker**](https://stake.hivelive.me/) update today and this time, I've made something great. Many of you ask me to add this feature, and it's now ready ! ## New logo What do you think ? ![New HiveMultiStaker logo](https://images.ecency.com/DQmZdeJMR6t9fNX66BjtJD8DRN6oNmSjr1BeEV2Xsh1nURK/hms_logo.png) Work made by @darkcore29 - check his works on [VARTS_official](https://www.instagram.com/varts_official/) instagram account. > This logo was built under the 'Stacking' principle, so you can see 3 shades of blue that make up each layer, as well as its modular shape that builds the 3 different letters of the brand name (HMS) in a harmonious and flowing way, these shades of blue were taken to communicate tranquility, security, confidence, that the brand has solid foundations and looks to the future, is modern and evolving, can adapt and be flexible. ## Claim Hive Engine pending rewards It's better to claim before stake, no ? That's why I've made this new feature on [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me/). Like stake, you can claim all tokens or just want you want (with checkboxes). Of course, like staking feature, you can use this feature with HiveKeychain or HiveSigner ;) ![ Claim / stake / unstake buttons](https://images.ecency.com/DQmPGGRqMTVmJrt7khAHCB9xGtRRUwcbz8z2SMAu8uRcMd2/hms_actions.png) ## AutoClaim ? Really ? YES ! You can also authorize @hive.autoclaim to made this task for you ! This service was made by @arcange and he allowed me to include Autoclaim inside [**HiveMultiStaker**](https://stake.hivelive.me/). Also, it's absolutely FREE ! ## Unstake feature HMS have the new Unstake feature. You can choose all your tokens you want to unstake, but you can also choose how many tokens you want to unstake ! ![You can choose how many you what to unstake](https://images.ecency.com/DQmcSgvQ4CTNYW5MMyBCr1JtGcNLS7zUeVpuE6iXKKqg1RL/hms_quantity.png) imagine, you want to unstake 2 BEE, 5 STEM and 10 ARCHON. With HMS, You can make it, all at once. You save time and RC (Ressource Credits). ## Small bugixes Some users asked me to fix some display errors on mobile. I have tested many mobile devices to fix all these bugs. I fix some buttons display bugs (on some small screen resolution) and add back button everywhere I can. I made many efforts to make a better Hive Keychain integration. Last but not the least, if you don't have HiveKeychain, all the features have a working fallback to HiveSigner. --- If you want to ask new features, made some feedbacks or anything else, the Comments section is open :) Thank you very much for your support about [**HiveMultiStaker**](https://stake.hivelive.me/). Have a nice day, take care of you !

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ravenmus1c :

Awesome!! Great that you developed such a thing! I will be very happy to test it! :)

pravesh0 :

Great work as usual @bambukah. I liked the HiveMultiStaker before too but now it has more features. ❤️ !LUV !PIZZA

pravesh0 :

And the logo is dope too!

pizzabot :

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yaziris :

This is amazing, more and more useful features are getting added. Keep up the great work! 👍 !PIZZA

stickupboys :

Great work on this bro! !PIZZA and !LUV it!

mondoshawan :

Now that's what i call service..! Awesome Bro, thanks a lot!

queenstarr :

Thank you for awesome HMS tool. I just realised I have to turn mobile to desktop mode to view the other options. Just brilliant as always, bravo👏❤️

howzat :

This looks pretty awesome tool :)

olympicdragon :

It so good. I can stake when suitable. Because now I try claim all the time not working on he. I have to go to peakd to do it. This hms will be a game changer ! !PIZZA !BEER

papilloncharity :

This is a great idea indeed!

lemouth :

I am glad to see that Hive Keychain now works again with your very practical tool! :) See you tomorrow!

ravenmus1c :

When I try to click on your HiveMultiStaker link, its not working. What do I have to do?

ecency :

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hivebuzz :

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ykretz.sports :


ykretz :

Looks like I skipped few updates ! Being able to choose the tokens to stake or unstake is really awesome ! That's one of the most useful tool for Hive tokens !! !PIZZA

themarkymark :

Hive Engine already auto claims once daily (ideal for sustainability).

cwow2 :

Can we get a Sell "Selected" Tokens feature? (Just at market value) :D That would make it way easier than doing single handedly xD P.s. Your Project SuperHive, sounds amazing! :D