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HiveStream Update : more compatibility, new features, and some fixes.

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Hello everyone ! It's been awhile. I'm sick as F#CK, but I try to do something from my bed. This time it's for a good update of HiveStream.

HiveStream logo

For those you don't know : HiveStream is made for live streamers. It put HIVE & Hive-engine tokens donations into live stream (Twitch / Youtube / Facebook Live / Vimm).

This project also bring a donation page. Some of my users are not streamers, but use this service only for this page and link it on their HIVE bio.


New supported streaming platform : Kick

As I said in Hive Dutch Meetup Zeeland, I push a small but great update. HiveStream is now fully compatible with Kick.

Kick Logo

You can now stream on Kick platform and accept HIVE and Hive-Engine tokens donation. When you log into your HiveStream panel, take your Browser source link and paste into your stream software (OBS, StreamLabs, TwitchStudio, XSplit ...).

New supported stream softwares

After platforms, I fix some bugs and add some hacks to be fully compatible with 3 new softwares:

  • Lightstream Studio
  • Vimeo Livestream
  • Wirecast

If you use / know any stream software to HiveStream, just try to add the Browser source link into your software to test. If it's ok, just tell me. If not, just ask me to add that :)

New features

Buttons and tooltips

Some users ask me to improve accessibility. The main thing is about links and copy/paste. Now, you have a button for each link to copy in your clipboard.

Also, for new users, I just add small tooltips to explain usage of browser source link and donation. It's a small thing but it's cool.

Custom fonts

When a donation is made, a notification is displayed on the stream. You can already change the GIF image. Now you can also choose the font of the notification.

25 new fonts for your stream donation

At this time, you can choose between 25 fonts. I don't know if I will add more, or not. Please, post a comment with your opinion/advice about that.

About fonts, European HiveStream users will be happy : I don't use Google Fonts anymore but an European GDPR-friendly alternative : Bunny Fonts.

Minimal amount

Last new feature, you can now choose the minimal amount of donation. A good reason to do that is the flood. Before that, I can send many message only with 0.001 HIVE (or tokens). To avoid that, you can put the limit to 0.01 or 0.1 or anything you want.

When limit is set, Any user will see the limit on the donation page.

Bug fix and tweaks

First, I fixed the message (memo) display on stream. It's the first and only one bug users ask me to fix.

But, it's not the only one bug, another one is aout displaying the panel on 4K screen. It's now fixed (note: this bug was funny). I also try to add more responsive design on website and panel.

About tweaks, The fonts are not all loaded together. When you select a fond, HiveStream will load the font and display it. It's an great performance tweak to avoid lags on your stream.

I made a quick clean of the codebase to have less CPU and memory consumption.


It's a new step for HiveStream and streamers can now adopt HIVE to monetize their stream. this project is near the "production quality" and I'll do my best to fix all bugs and add some good features to invite more and more streamers on HIVE :)

As usual, if you want to support me, please upvote and share this post. If you want to give a feedback, ask a question or talk about HiveStream, you can add a comment.

Don't forget you can join us on the HiveLive Discord server to talk together about HIVE, my projects, the future, etc... Now, you can also talk about soup with @coldbeetrootsoup too :)

Have a nice day. Take care of you <3

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artakush :

Great update! Looking forward for even more features!

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palomap3 :

Streaming contents are more and more popular, especially between young people. I hope we can see this growing and making Hive bigger!! 🤗

mypathtofire :

Great work. I want to try and test it with a stream on Zap.Stream and OBS. WIll let you know how it works out.

tobetada :

fantastic work!

@tipu curate

dadspardan :

Thinking next tarkov wipe i use this for the story of building the hideout :D

lolzbot :

You Crack Us Up!

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lolz.pimp :

Thank you for being an !LOLZ supporter.

aaskablackwolf :

First of all, thanks a lot for all the effort you put into your HIVE-projects. (And I voted for your HDF proposal already😁) What I'm wondering about changing fonts: would it be possible to use user-defined fonts?

My idea: I have some font installed on my streaming system. But it's not one of those listed. But the OBS browser source should be able to use that local font in principle. So if I could just type the fonts name into the font selection for HiveStream the Browser source should use the local font. I tried using custom CSS in the OBS browser source with little to no success so far. But I may be using the wrong id for the text block there.