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Date: 01/06/2022 - Upvotes : 204 - Words : 327

HMS - Hive Multi Staker : Stake all your HiVE Engine tokens in one second

## Context Yesterday, I had a lot of pain that prevented me from sleeping. I wanted to clear my mind and after some hours on the Internet, I Found [**PicoCSS**](https://picocss.com/), a small tool to create clean web design without code, classes or learning. I needed an idea for a small project to test this. I remember a tool from **@Hive.Pizza** team (thanks to **@thebeardflex** & **@hivetrending**) to stake all your HiveEngine tokens in a second. Alright, I had a project and a new thing to test. That's why i made [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me/)! you can find it on **https://stake.hivelive.me** ![User interface of HMS](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/23tGTZSB8w2i6JsHdgGgWRxCAEo1x9tkrFygh3cCQWFurYpJ2g7SgqU6k24wmDbFMNSEh.jpg) ## What is it? [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me/) (Hive Multi Staker) is a small tool that allows you to stake all your tokens in 2 clicks! Really simple, isn't it? How to use it : * Enter your HIVE account & click on "Search all tokens" button * If you have tokens to stake, HMS will list all the tokens you can stake * Click on "Stake them now!" HiveKeychain opens a transaction to stake all your coins. * Approve the transaction, and VOILÀ! ## What's next? After that, many ideas come to me and I have some feature to develop if you want them: * Claim all rewards before staking * Checkbox to choose tokens to stake * Auto-Stake each day (not sure of that) * Maybe a little Logo (or a real web design)? :) ## Conclusion After creating that, my mind was clear and I could fall asleep ! I really want to thank [**Hive Pizza**](https://hive.pizza) team, especially **@thebeardflex** & **@hivetrending** to give me permissions to do that, and that's why 50% of this post's rewards goes to **@hive.pizza** account. Also, thank you very much @thekittygirl for her proofreading. If I have some good feedback, I will develop an update of this tool, but only if you want it! The comments section is open for that. If you want to talk with me, you can join [**Bambukah's Home**](https://discord.gg/u2qfuaFMwt) Discord server. Have a nice day and a great Life. Much LOVE for you and hope you enjoy [**HMS**](https://stake.hivelive.me/) <3

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yaziris :

This is a very useful tool. Been a pain to stake all of the tokens one by one. It will make life much easier! 😁 <blockquote>Checkbox to choose tokens to stake</blockquote> THIS would be great 👍

duke77 :


lemouth :

Nice! [It worked](https://hiveblocks.com/tx/ac1c28515e46a6217ed4e774021b4c978f2cb897) like a charm ;)

smokrthou :


nyxlabs :

This is a very nifty tool! Nice work ^^ !PIZZA

pizzabot :

<center>PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! @bambukah! The Hive.Pizza team manually curated this post. PIZZA Holders sent <strong>$PIZZA</strong> tips in this post's comments: cooperclub tipped bambukah (x1) nyxlabs tipped bambukah (x1) nane-qts tipped bambukah (x1) onewolfe tipped bambukah (x1) atma.love tipped bambukah (x1) <sub>Please <a href="https://vote.hive.uno/@pizza.witness">vote for pizza.witness</a>!</sub></center>

chefbgob :

u rock pizzafam=)

hivebuzz :

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onewolfe :

Something that would be a cool idea is being able to set it up to auto claim all tokens at a certain time each day and then have any auto stake feature with selector boxes to auto stake certain tokens. Great idea and i will definitely check it out! !PIZZA

hollowknightgod :

That's is amazing work! Thank you for that.

hivetrending :

Thanks for the shoutout. Great tool, very useful! I always wanted to add some checkboxes but haven't gotten to it due to other priorities.

atma.love :

Thanks lots for this. Do you plan to make sign-in for Hivesigner available too to enable android users to be able to use the tool too? Keychain doesnt let me sign in on Android. Sat Nam Atma !PGM !PIZZA !LUV

token-thx :

!ALIVE l'outils parfait pour gagné du temps

libertycrypto27 :

Hi @bambukah and thanks for this useful tool If you can implement the following functionality: >- Checkbox to choose tokens to stake >- Auto-Stake each day (not sure of that) Your tool would become something very very very useful :) !BEER !PGM !PIZZA @tipu curate

queenstarr :

Yassss😎 To this tool Excited 🎉🎉

cryptohaytham :

Thanks god 🙏 very useful tool specially I'm newbie in ecency and crypto .. thanks you

cooperclub :

Checkbox would be ideal !PIZZA

manniman :

very uselful!

pravesh0 :

One of the simplest and effective tool to have. I have already tested it twice and it works perfectly. Thanks for your efforts. Mad respect for you, brother!

nane-qts :

Great tool! Thanks for that. Something for claiming rewards would be very useful too and a checkbox to choose which ones to stake would be awesome. Here is a !PIZZA for you. 😀

sevenoh-fiveoh :

nice, this just saved me a bunch of time! For me, a daily auto-stake would be awesome.

cwow2 :

Omg. Yes thank you! I have been asking for this for a long time, but certain HE people and Leodex people didn't think it was important enough

cwow2 :

Also. Can you make it so we can sell all of our small shit coins?? In 2 clicks or automatically at some point xD

ykretz :

> Checkbox to choose tokens to stake That's exactly what I was waiting for the HovePizza tool ! Because there are few tokens I don't want to stake so I can't use their tool :') being able to uncheck them and stake all the other would be really great !

theguruasia :


invest-time :

Le fait de pouvoir coché les case des token que l'on veux pas stack serais un plus, par exemple tout et coché d'oofice et pouvoir décoché seulement celle que l'on veux pas stack !ALIVE

padreelferenco :

thanks for this hack.

cocacolaron :