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Introducing PHP HiveEngine Tools, your PHP companion to work with HiveEngine API

As you know, my @superhive project is coded with PHP. I had a problem with the wallet page, I needed to interact with HiveEngine API, but no PHP library existed.

That's why I've started to develop a PHP lib for that : php-he-tools !

Code image from Pixabay by Boskampi

What is it?

PHP HiveEngine Tools is a collection of methods made to interact with HiveEngine API.

Of course, this lib is released under MIT license, and it's fully open-source. You can find it on the official Github repo.

Mainly inspired by @dragosroua work (for his php-hive-tools library), I want to create methods to use HiveEngine API easily, without compromise.

How to use it?

If you have a PHP project which need this, just install this lib with Composer :

composer require fkosmala/php-he-tools

Next, just include the Composer's autoload in your PHP file and call the HiveEngine API :

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use FKosmala\PHPHeTools\HeApi as HeApi;

You can create a configuration array if you want to change settings :

$config = [
"debug" => false,
'throw_exception' => false,
"heNode" => "api.hive-engine.com/rpc"

Last step, initiate the lib :

$api = new HeApi($config);

Mission successfully completed! You can use all the methods of this lib to your project! If you need a list, you can check the methods.md file.

If you need a small file to test, there is an example file in the example/ folder of the repo


This library is in development state and there are only few methods right now, so I will create methods over time. If you need to add something into this lib, you have three choices :

  • Ask me in comments
  • Fork the php-he-tools repo, add your feature or methods, and make a pull request
  • Add a ticket into the Issues page of the repo.

If you like my work, please upvote or reblog this post, consider to donate, Add a comment or join my Discord server to talk with me.

Have a nice day!

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jerrytsuseer :

G'morning Florent, I sure wish I understood this stuff, but I don't. So I will support you just the same.

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seckorama :

Congrats on your efforts. Better and better! 👌😎

poshtoken :

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joanstewart :

Thank you for all you do here on our blockchain development side.

@tipu curate

behiver :

Great to see new integration tools with the Hive blockchain, this is a necessary step to grow this entire ecosystem.

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melinda010100 :

Helping Hive grow! Thank you! ♥️

doctorvee :

I love this, I use laravel very well and you have just made this so easy. Thank you so muc

beeber :

Dont understand much of these things but am sure, youre doing great work for our chain :-)

mikezillo :

Thanks for such thorough review

cryptothesis :

!PIZZA deserving work

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pizzabot :

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joetunex :

Rocket science to me but many thanks for your work for Hive!

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arthursiq5 :

Great, I'll use it

!PIZZA !hivebits

uop :

Wow wonderful tool and development in the hive ecosystem. You have done a great job.

wesphilbin :


You continue to spread positive energy, and elevate the awesomesauce! As many have said, I don't know a lot about this. But I do know you! So... you have my thanks, as well as support!

!LUV !WINE !hivebits

wesphilbin :

@tipu curate $PIMP

pnc :

Great work!

cryptosimplify :


On @hiveland.dapp I am using PHP to get information from Hive Engine blocks.

Can you share the repository link to check if I can contribute with something?

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comandoyeya :

La verdad es un excelente post, me agrado, te dejo mi voto y te sigo,, saludos.

dragosroua :

Congratulations, glad to see my work is still useful 🙂.

captaincryptic :

This is very cool. I am an old php programmer who has been getting involved in some dev work on Hive (backend, using python), and was going to start learning node.js to be able to do frontend work. This will hopefully let me use my old skills to work with Hive.

Thanks for working on this and better yet sharing it!


token-thx :

Pour vous remercier de votre délégation BEE


gestion.alive :

Pour vous remercier de votre délégation BEE


pnc :

Great job @bambukah!