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Multi staker update : new feature, bugs fixes and new UI

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Hello everybody. Hope you're well. After the release of my new tool TokenDistrib, It's now time to update my most-used tool: Hive MultiStaker! And what an update! Let's take a closer look.

MultiStaker logo with dark background

New feature: Send tokens to another account

This feature has asked to me so many time. So it's the first I made. If you want to send your remaining HiveEngine tokens to another account (to stake them, for example), you can now do that in few clicks with MultiStaker.

Just choose the tokens you want to send (or choose "Select All"), enter the receiving account, and Send! Also, I've made the Autostake option. You can send the token in the receiver account stake directly! Of course, non-stake tokens will only transfer.

Screenshot of the send feature

Bug fixes and code cleaning

In the same time, I've fix some bugs:

  • The "Back" button is now working everywhere
  • The "disabled button bug" is also fixed
  • The logo is now readable in light/dark theme
  • No more bugs detected. If you see a bug, please made a comment.

I made something cool for unstake & send features : you can now click on one token to only add this one.

Also, I made a new JS code base, MultiStaker is faster than ever! More tweaks are here too (remove code duplication, better blockchain queries, ...).

New UI design system

It's not a great change but MultiStaker now use the PicoCSS v2 framework. And it's so awesome! It's lightweight, very easy to use and the UI is really good for me.

Also, with the framework change, I use the Nord colors palette and it looks very beautiful for me.

Light and Dark theme

Last but not least: if you have a light theme on your browser, you'll see the light interface, but if you have a dark theme, you'll see the dark user interface!


I hope you will enjoy this update. As usual if you have question or feedback, feel free to comment this post. If you like my work, don't forget to upvote and share around you.

You can join me on my Discord server to talk with us. I'm also on Twitter. Have a nice day!

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Comments :

weone :

Great, I was waiting for some updates on this tool.

epic-fail :

a great app, thanks for creating this. Sent you a 1 $BRO tip!



arc7icwolf :

Awesome! I'm going to try the new feature asap :)

incublus :

Looks really good, I'm already using that website for almost a year thanks to @damla. She told me about that website. I like the new features.

pizzabot :
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seckorama :

Great tool, @bambukah. Maybe this tool could be useful for sending community rewards? @melinda010100

crrdlx :

Nice project. I also like the PicoCSS tools. I've been using PureCSSPureCSS tools, which I really like, but I plan to check out Pico now.

tengolotodo :

Great update and always been a great tool

chinay04 :

Wow it looks really great I haven't used this. But I will.

marilour :

Interesting what you present to us and the dedication to it. I am not familiar with it, but I will give it a try !LUV

tonybad :

Great tool. Could we auto-stake on hive-engine ? #gosh untitled.gif

cwow2 :

So I can also make it autostake to my own account?

szejq :

Hey, nice project. You have the wrong link 🙃🙂

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