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NetworkStatus update : Quality, Hive-Engine History, more tests ....

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Hello World! This post is made to bring you a good news : NetworkStatus received an update, and a good one.

NetworkStatus update

For those who don't know, this project is a small API for developers to check Hive network to get the best node. If all Hive projects use that, no more "Hive-Engine node error" or "Error from Hive node" will happening.

How ? Do a small query on NetworkStatus, and the best online node is returned! Do that just before send Hive-Engine query and you'll never have node errors.

So, what's new in this update ?

Code refactor and code quality

I do a big work to made the code more clean and efficient. The goal is to bring a very easy and fast API to every developer.

For future developments (maybe Open-Source?), every "network" have his file: Hive / Hive-Engine / ... And I do that to make easier maintenance and development for each. Also, every "network" update have his thread so one I cannot have conflicts between them, bringing more stability and viability.

Hive-Engine History

If you don't know, Hive Engine have two types of node: Standard and History nodes. NetworkStatus began with Hive-Engine, but now, you can also have Hive-Engine History nodes check!

At this time, there are only three listed History nodes but NetworkStatus already have a system to add one in the fastest way: I just add one line in a file and that's all.

Hive logo by @doze


A good thing is to check HiveSQL status before sending the query to avoid bad data sending or bugs. NetworkStatus have now an (cached) endpoint to check that: /hivesql.

This endpoint is refreshed every 5 minutes. Before trying to connect to HiveSQL, just check its state with NetworkStatus, many bugs can be avoided if HiveSQL is down.


Hive-Engine endpoints also have new features! Lots of data have been added. To start, I've added 3 new tests :

  • blockchain.getLastBlock
  • blockchain.getBlockInfo
  • blockchain.getTransactionInfo

So now, you can know what works on each Hive-Engine node for blockchain endpoint.

Last but not the least, I add a timer! NetworkStatus now sort every node by process time (before that, it was by ping... it was not serious). When you use the /he/best endpoint, it will show you all the data from the best node only.


NetworkStatus is now a real project to have more stability on Hive-Engine blockchain. But I have many more tests and features to add to this project (Hive node check, other tests functions, ...).

In a near future, I'll implement this in all the HiveLive projects to have a real stability on Hive-Engine. That will show you how important NetworkStatus is.

If you like my work, don't forget to upvote and/or reblog this post. Please consider making a donation if you can.

As usual, if you have some questions, feedback or feature request, fell free to comment. See my others Hive project on HiveLive. You can join the HiveLive Discord server to talk with us too.

Have a great day!

GFX Credits :

  • Hive circuit logo by @doze (Thank you so much for your work!)

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melinda010100 :

Thanks for all the work you do to make Hive a better place to be! !DHEDGE

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russia-btc :

Великолепно !!!

phanty :

Vraiment intéressant, faut absolument que je trouve le temps de me pencher sur ton taf .

rishi556 :

The ping times are kinda useless without knowing where the requests are made from. Most nodes are hosted at Hetzner Germany, so testing from close to that means you'll have quick times to those(I think my node is the only one that I know of that's not hosted by Hetzner actually).

seckorama :

Great work! !PIZZA

pizzabot :

$PIZZA slices delivered: @seckorama(1/5) tipped @bambukah

thekittygirl :

"Bravo!" on the completion of yet another useful project for the blockchain!

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