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Date: 06/01/2020 - Upvotes : 76 - Words : 247

[SuperHive] Update : new logo, new code, new features and better future...

Hello everybody ! Bambukah's here !

I'm really happy, and you know why ! As you know, SuperHive is my project and there is a great update today !

Let me introduce the new logo :

![SuperHive logo by @igorlv](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/PmpQYyJT-LogoSuperHive.png)

@igorlv, Thank you very much my friend ! (we already work together on CloakCoin in the past :))

And now, the Changelog :

  • I've refactor all the code for a more understable development : MVC-like architecture, plugin-ready, more powerful, ... many many improvements are in the code ! It's really good for the future of SuperHive's development.
  • SuperHive now have an RSS feed. iI is now compatible with your favorite news reader !
  • Sitemap join the party ! go to https://YOUR_URL/sitemap to see it ! (and don't forget to configure your redirection)
  • Simpler & Cleaner Administration panel design for next features (availables in the next release).
  • Security Fix : Better password check to avoid username or password change
  • Some README improvements

New administration design

You an view SuperHive in action on my personal blog and you seethe source code & read the documentation on the official GitHub repo.

I really want to create the Next-Generation Content Management System / Blog engine... an maybe become the WordPress Killer :D

As usual, you came tell me what do you want in comments. You can also tip me to support the project.

Thank you very much. Have a Nice Day !

My SuperHive blog - SuperHive GitHub repo - SuperHive creator's account : @bambukah

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Comments :

felt.buzz :

Exciting stuff!

Reblogged, Upvoted and Tweeted: https://twitter.com/FeltBuzzWrites/status/1267471604646318081

gtrussi :

Every day I discover something new about Hive, and it's super exciting! Will def check it out.

orlandumike :

Une image de bannière et un footer mobile (lock bottom) avec une liste de liens configurables serait intéressant.

Sinon ce que j'ai déjà proposé :

  • Home page custom avec design colonne 2/3, 1/3
  • Enregistrement d'une mailing list pour notifier mes 243 suiveux :)
  • Block sections (Image, Sections, recent tag map)
  • Section (moins de 5) affiché comme menu en haut
  • Chaque section ayant sa page accueil (Résumé de la section, blocks d'image, titres, etc.)
  • Articles de section basé sur une sélection de tags
    • ex: Section Politique = tags : censorship, liberty, freespeech, democraty, fakenews, politique
    • Section Health = tags : health, fitness, nature, sport En gros je suis pas très difficile, Home page et home page de section. Section construite avec liste de tags :)

Les Blocks sont très à la mode, renseigne toi là-dessus, WordPress vient d'introduire cela, Notion l'a depuis longtemps. C'est ce qui facilitera la compréhension à Mammy ;)

Un petit rich text editor basé sur le markup language serait également très bien pour faire plus simple.

gtrussi :

How do I install SuperHive? is it a plugin for Wordpress? thanks