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SuperHive Update : This post was posted from SuperHive !

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Hello everyone ! Bambukah's here !

SuperHive Logo

I've made a really nice update and this post was made with SuperHive & posted on Blockchain \o/ Thank you to @stoodkev work for Hive Keychain. The update includes a new admin interface. more beautiful and simpler than the old one.


The next-generation blogging is here with SuperHive : you can have your blog, on your server, post your content on Hive Blockchain, earn rewards, and be read by all HIVE communities !

You can view SuperHive in action with my Personal blog and you can see the code and download it from the GitHub official repo

What's next ?

For the next version, I want :

  • Categories (made with tags)
  • Add a more beautiful theme
  • sort posts by month (with number of posts per month)
  • Post comment in SuperHive (if you have Hive Keychain)
  • Many mores tweaks & features !

If you want to support this project, don't forget to share ! You can also make feedbacks or feature requests in comment of this post.

Thank you very much <3

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this is amazing!!! Great Job!

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