Florent Kosmala

Date: 02/26/2022 - Upvotes : 419 - Words : 369

SuperHive v0.2.0 : New features, new themes, new fixes, ...

Ladies & gentlemen, Please welcome the new version of [**SuperHive**](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive), The next-generation blog engine (like Wordpress but fully HIVE-based). It's a major update with many things added. ![New version of SuperHive !](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/AJityH6Rxj1chqZdKYALBzzAPhk9aPxip668VFTiutV9DQ6GvZHMUJswosWvGKi.png) ## Two new themes : Celeste & Classic I create two new themes for [**SuperHive**](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive). Many of you ask me to create a "classic" theme for book / classic writers. And some of you ask me a better dark theme. ### Classic The Classic theme is like a paper sheet on the table, It's really lightweight, and I made this with serif book-alike font. The result is an elegant & clean theme. ![Classic Theme](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/23z7QTNKRhpBckayfCXM21EX5h2LMNwJGo9GrttPuBKHNqfgT8ZSZ9iBpbpQ7SMi1Heod.png) ### Celeste For the Celeste theme, I need a dark blue-ish theme. It's a theme with a really great Nordic atmosphere, and an ideal readability for an optimal focus on content. ![Celeste Theme](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/bambukah/23xKxMQxzuWr5wXapiBUWv9WPda7p66QoXSVa29rMo7FacUhuhLHEuEDE1sf1kowsJmLp.png) ### Bonus: Minimal Theme update I change the minimal theme style sheet from SakuraCSS to [PicoCSS](https://picocss.com/) (more stylish, and a little lightweight when GZipped) ## New feature : Community Super is now fully useable with a community account! You can create a real website with your community content. Just enter your community account in "author" field, and... the magic will happen ! ## New feature : UpVote If you have [HiveKeychain](https://hive-keychain.com/) extension, any [**SuperHive**](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive) website allow you to upvote for posts displayed. For example: you can upvote this post from my personnal blog. ## Fixes Some bugs are now fixed: - Admin panel: add pictures to json_metadata to show featured image. - Recover wallet icon on admin newPost & newPage - Remove some white spaces in admin templates - Default theme: fix lists bugs ## Anything else ? YEAH ! I've reserved 2 domain names for the future official website. I need to make something more professional. I only have the official [Github repo](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive) and this project need a better exposure to the world. I've also started to write documentation for Users, Developers and Graphic designers. It will be easier to install and use SuperHive in the future. ## Conclusion As usual, if you have questions / feed backs or if you want to sned me some support, The comments section is Open. You can join my [**Discord server**](https://discord.gg/u2qfuaFMwt) to discuss about [**SuperHive**](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive) and my other HIVE-related projects. Hope you enjoy SuperHive. Have a great day ! Much love for you <3

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thekittygirl :

Bravo! I really like your logo, too! The "H" looks like a barbell which the "S" is lifting! Very fitting for a project called "**Super**" Hive! 😁

mondoshawan :

This Is Some Awesomeness...

hivebuzz :

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dibblers.dabs :

This looks really amazing! With functionality for community accounts this seems like it creates a way for communities to easily build custom frontends? Or am I misunderstanding something there? Looks awesome! !PIZZA

pizzabot :

<center>PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! @bambukah! The Hive.Pizza team manually curated this post. PIZZA Holders sent <strong>$PIZZA</strong> tips in this post's comments: dibblers.dabs tipped bambukah (x1) hiq.redaktion tipped bambukah (x1) <sub>You can now send $PIZZA tips in <a href="https://discord.gg/hivepizza">Discord</a> via tip.cc!</sub></center>

beeber :

Hi this is such a fantastic idea and for sure will become something everyone uses !LUV

makerhacks :

This is wonderful, I have been working on my own NextJS based front-end code, I had no idea this was available :)

unklebonehead :

This is a comment from your blog! @bambukah this is, hands down, without a doubt, one of the most AWESOME things on Hive!!!!! You are amazing!

brittandjosie :

Your creative mind does so amazing congrats on the new milestone

poshtoken :

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diggndeeper.com :

I absolutely love seeing people do stuff like this. This looks great. I looked around at your GitHub and found an example site and its very nice. This is yet another little (big?) way that Hive ecosystem continues to decentralize. I have been talking about trying to work on making WordPress into a defacto front end. We have the Exxp plugin, but even more could be done in that effort. Is this Open Source?

beeber :

Hi Florent, just trying to write my first comment via your Blogsite, using the comment section here :-) also the upvote worked great with keychain :-) I AM HAPPY !!!!!!!!! :-)

lemouth :

That's cool! Glad to see you are back at your projects. Am I next? :D

seckorama :

That's cool! Is it possible to filter my feed to one tag?

hiq.redaktion :

[@quekery] Interesting ![](https://i.imgur.com/AJfM3KB.png) <div class="pull-right"> <sup>ENG</sup> If you want to go from Hivian to Hivestyler, check out [HiQ - The Hivestyle Magazin](/@hiq.magazine) [english]. True to the motto: Smart, stylish and sexy! &#128522; For any further questions, please feel free to contact @hiq.redaktion via comment or on [Discord](https://discord.gg/25Fp5wBvQa). &#128521; Have fun and a Highfhive from the HiQ Team </div> <sup>GER</sup> Wenn du vom Hivian zum Hivestyler aufsteigen m&ouml;chtest, schau doch mal bei [HiQ - Das Hivestyle Magazin](/@hiq) [deutsch] vorbei. Ganz nach dem Motto: Smart, stylisch und sexy! &#128522; F&uuml;r weitere Fragen kontaktiere @hiq.redaktion via Kommentar oder auf [Discord](https://discord.gg/25Fp5wBvQa). &#128521; Viel Spa&szlig; und ein Highfhive vom HiQ Team ![](https://i.imgur.com/plMUJVK.png) !PIZZA !BEER !hivebits and alotta !LUV <sup><sup>(This is a semi automaticaly created manual curation. Powered by HiQ Smart Bot. LOOL)</sup></sup> </div> <center> <a href="https://discord.gg/25Fp5wBvQa"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/T61gFSO.png"></a> </center>

be-alysha :

Thanks for sharing. !hivebits

hiro-hive :

Great work bro

moretea :

This is indeed very interesting! Was thinking about how to get my feed on my website for a while now. Gotta check out your solution. Hive On! πŸ––πŸΌπŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸΌ

hivebuzz :

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moretea :

There are no links in the SHOWCASE section on the github site and the linked site in the DEMO section has certificate issues and just shows some french text! Where can i see working examples? πŸ‘€

ehizgabriel :

That's cool, nice content, a wonderful upgrade... I'll be glad to be on this one.

papilloncharity :

<center>![DNAgif.gif](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/adalger/0GndlMZ3-DNAgif.gif)</center> https://peakd.com/@dna.org Hello; @bambukah ________________________________________ We appreciate your work and your post was manually shared on Twitter by @papilloncharity from the DNA team! Reach us on Discord to learn more about the project!

irisworld :

Damn!!! It is a really amazing project! As i told you before, you are genius!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘