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Date: 11/02/2021 - Upvotes : 310 - Words : 647

SuperHive, your next-gen blog engine is now released !

You know, a few months ago, I started a little PHP script to display my HIVE posts on a real blog with my theme, links, etc. I called it **SuperHive**. Now, a new step has been taken! I am happy to present you the new version of **SuperHive** which is now a new generation blog engine (like WordPress) that will allow you to have your own blog based on the HIVE Blockchain. Thus, all your posts are stored on Blockchain (with all the advantages, we'll come back to that). No more need for an oversized and expensive server for a blog, no more need for space to store your images. Also, if your site goes down, you can re-configure a **SuperHive** elsewhere with the same configuration and find all your posts instantly! ![Responsive usage of SuperHive](https://images.hive.blog/DQmTqz5BdcueAsBhq1aiFFv8NaaKTTx7xvUVawgProfdBuS/DeskMobileScreen.png) ## How does it work? To make it short, **SuperHive** is based on the [HIVE](https://hive.io) blockchain which allows you to store content and get paid if your content is good. It is also impossible to delete your content (you can edit it but the blockchain will always keep track of all your changes). Your post, once published on the blockchain will be visible on other sites such as [Hive.blog](https://hive.blog) or [PeakD](https://peakd.com) and many others. You will have an international reach as soon as your post is published and it can be seen by several communities around the world. To go into more detail, you should know that a official website for the **SuperHive** project is currently being built. It will include more details, but especially a documentation to learn how to use the engine. ## What's new since the last version? So many things! But I'll keep it short and list the changes since last time: - [Feature] Better administration interface - [Feature] On-chain posts : Creation and edi - [Feature] Upload images to ImageHoster (decentralized hosting, thanks @MahdiYari) - [Feature] Off-chain pages (static): Create, Edit and Delete - [Feature] DevMode : Remove cache and various optimizations (like reducing generated code, ...) - [Feature] Choice of the number of items displayed - [Feature] You can comment on posts - [Fix] Use of MarkedJS for a better support of the display of the posts - [Fix] Text editor changed to EasyMDE, easier to use - [Fix] Data folder, containing the blockchain data cache - [Fix] Added Posts and Admin controllers for better maintenance - [Fix] Auto-creation of Data, Pages and Comments folders at installation - [Fix] Change manual requests to php-hive-tools (Thanks @dragosroua) - [Fix] Hide comments if Hive reputation is < 0 - [Fix] Remove Cron and check blockchain every 10 minutes - [Fix] "featured" image is taken from json_metadata - [Fix] Take posts from author only (not reblogs) - [Themes] Removed old ugly themes - [Themes] New Bambukah theme (default), based on TailwindCSS - [Themes] New Minimal theme, based on SakuraCSS - [Themes] Added "Aria label" and contrast improvements for better accessibility. That's a lot, isn't it? Anyway, it's enough to run [My personal blog](https://blog.florent-kosmala.fr) as well as the [BSChain France](https://bschain.fr) website. However, this is only the beginning. ![Legend of LogoSuperHive.png](https://images.hive.blog/DQmXBiCbcnv1FaAdRMFjm6eQWnftThuKvXvUHJVNvVj4qvY/LogoSuperHive.png) ## What's next As announced earlier, I'm going to make the official project website to better explain it to newcomers, but also to document all aspects of **SuperHive**. It should be up soon. Concerning the project itself, it will be simplified in its installation, multi-language and especially with a module engine to invite develeoppers to create modules. I have to create an example module myself (I think it will be the contact module). The next versions will have their batch of improvements with in bulk : - Categories - Search field - Automatic menu for the created pages - Wallet page to manage your account from your blog - Keyboard shortcuts - And many other things **SuperHive** wants to be the next-gen blog engine, better than its traditional competitors (WordPress in the lead), faster, better referenced, simpler, ... You can already get it on the [GitHub repository](https://github.com/fkosmala/superhive). Hope you like this project. Don't hesitate to share your opinion in comments and see you next time ! Of course it's posted from SuperHive ;)

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r0nd0n :

Love it, still want to try this out, will be doing it soon.

stickupboys :

Nice work bro! !PIZZA

pizzabot :

<center>PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! @bambukah! The Hive.Pizza team manually curated this post. PIZZA Holders sent <strong>$PIZZA</strong> tips in this post's comments: flaxz tipped bambukah (x1) cooperclub tipped bambukah (x1) onewolfe tipped bambukah (x1) dibblers.dabs tipped bambukah (x1) stickupboys tipped bambukah (x2) cookaiss tipped bambukah (x1) <sub>Learn more at https://hive.pizza.</sub></center>

thelogicaldude :

Definitely going to try this out and see what I can do with it... Very interesting!

hivehustlers :

This could be huge! reblogging for the HiveHustlers community and to save it for future reference!

onewolfe :

This sounds awesome, can't wait to try it now! !PIZZA

stickupboys :

Is there like a user friendly version....

cooperclub :

Great work bro, cant wait to check Super Hive out !PIZZA

cookaiss :

Salut, bravo pour ton projet !PIZZA

darkflame :

This is awesome!! I want to use this

flaxz :

This is fantastic, and something I have always wanted, keep up the great work. !ALIVE !PIZZA

youarealive :

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the [We Are Alive Tribe](https://wearealiveand.social/), and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want. <br /> ![](https://i.imgur.com/p2WXJLn.png)

dibblers.dabs :

This looks to be a really powerful engine. Well done! Your personal blog looks great! !PIZZA

manniman :

Nice, I'd try this too.

chantrellflu :

nice, I will be awaiting your document cause I would really appreciate it. Will be very helpful, ty in advance

stefano.massari :

Interestingly, this is the first time I've heard of SuperHive. Thanks for the information.

mintymile :

Can't wait to checkout more of super HIVE when its explained further and we can launch it without coding... It is too damn cool truely!! --- <center><sub>Posted via [proofofbrain.io](https://www.proofofbrain.io/@mintymile/r1zytz)</sub></center>

thekittygirl :

This is great! The more tools and options we have on Hive, the stronger it becomes! Thanks for your efforts!

wesphilbin :

@bambukah Thank you for sharing this with us in The Terminal, and thank you for elevating the awesome of options on the Blockchain! I'll keep an eye on this, so as to be able to let other's know that might be interested! !LUV @tipu curate WINE !giphy Awesome

hivebuzz :

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bschain :

a great thing done by a great guy <3

mlrequena78 :

I think everything you have announced is very good, I hope you keep us informed, congratulations

teamhumble :

well this looks rather cool.

cryptomaster5 :

Beautiful work congratulations, and thanks for releasing the source code. I had been interested in the possibility of creating a stand-alone blog from my blog on HIVE, so that I could create a traffic flow from both directions and contribute to onboarding. In my opinion there is a lot of untapped potential on Hive, starting from the frontend: forums could be powered (there was a project on STEEM but I think it was discontinued before the advent of HIVE), or social networks like facebook or instagram with more control over privacy (at the moment posts are globally public, you can't select an audience), or blogs with premium content. I believe that all this is also possible through the implementation of a layer 2 blockchain, as has been done for Hive engine.

marki99 :

This is great, I'm testing out the comment feature