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Take a look at my Maker/DIY desk!

I love create or repair stuff. I'ts really a hobby for me. When I have time, it's the first thing I want to do. I love that.

For many months, I want a full-featured maker desk to do what I want without move. It's time to show you!

Do you see my small PC on this photo ?

Before all, let's me tell you all you see on this image is new, All the stuff is sencond-hand, given to me or offered to me by friends.

The computer part

I have found a really small form-factor computer. on a reburbished german website (it-versand). It's a Fujitsu Esprimo and it's great!

It's an Intel Core i5-4570T / 8Go RAM / 240Go SSD. On this little beast, I've installed an EndeavourOS with i3 tiling display manage. It's really lightweight and oh-so-speedy!

It's a codesource from a HIVE project

This small PC is plugged with an old Acer X233H monitor and a second-hand Dell AC511 soundbar.

This computer is used for laser engraving, 3D printing and (HIVE) development.

The electronic part

I love repair electronic stuff. It's very great to learn how the hardware works. For that, My ex-boss give me some materials, components, ...

Oscilloscope: AgilentTech DSO1072B


I use this wonderful machine to mesure/represent every signal I need on a electronic card/PCB. It's so useful to see signals and found the failure. Repairing electronic stuff is easier with that.

Programmable power supply: GW Instek PSP-2010

Power Supply

My favorite item. No more batery needed when I repair stuff. I configure the output voltage and current, I press the "output" button and VOILA, I have everything i need to power my stuff.

Soldering and rework station: Yihua 962BD+

Soldering & rework station

As an hobbyist, I must have a solder station. But this one is very great: The temperature is very accurate, very easy to use, lightweight, not expensive, ... It's a powerful tool.

The hot air flow from the rework station is very good and help me to disassemble many stuff with (hot) glue, remove paste, ...

Magnifier lamp

Don't know the brand... It's my father who give it to me. This is the last part of my desk and it's really useful! I don't know how i can live without it! I can be more accurate without efforts.

The maker part

After all these things, I need more physical and funny machines. That's why I also have:

3D printer: Creality Ender 3 Pro

3D Printer

This is my first ever printer. After years, this printer is very useful for daily thing or for fun. I've already printed more than 150 stuffs with it but many are for repair things like cogs for washing machine, lamp adapter, joints jewelry, ...

Laser engraver: Ortur Master 1

Laser Engraver

Last but not the least, my laser engraver. Already updated with some 3D printed feet and the engraved stand ( you can see that in my last Fun with DIY post. It really a cool tool to make some custom gifts or wooden coaster.

I'm not an expert about laser engrave but I love that, just need time to learn more thing about that.


Hope you enjoy this post. It's important for me to share this kind of content with you. If you want more posts like this one, don't forget to upvote or reblog it. Also, if you have some ideas to update this desk, feel free to comment!

Have a nice day!

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Comments :

tibfox :

That's an amazing workstation and great tools dude! Some day I want to own a laster engraver too :D

idksamad78699 :

Clean and Awesome Desk always Keep your mind fresh to repair and do stuff.

I really miss that time when I used to be so excited and repair things. It was more like obsession.

Well, You have nice set of computer and other tools. Well Organized! Nice work mate. Have a Wonderful day ahead.

poshtoken :

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makerhacks :

Great stuff, I love when people share their maker space :)

This does though make me sad for what I left in Canada but hopefully now we are more settled here in England I can get my workshop set up and share.

mikezillo :

Nice and clean! I like it! My hand-abilities are not at the top but I always used to help my grampa with a lot of mechanical stuffs but he had not a huge patience to wait for me to learn so for the most, I just stared there and watched what he was doing! Best wishes for the creation that will see birth from this corner!

wittyzell :

Interesting. I thought devs like me have a messy workstation but I guess not all devs are like me. 😂 Though, I wouldn't be able to concentrate if it's not organized so sometimes I tend to organize things the same as you. The other tools you have are interesting to know. What about your chair?

ecency :

Yay! 🤗
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akmalshakir :

Wow you have a nice setup for your work material and for the hive development. It is good that you are using some old equipment for your work. Have a great weekend 😊

soltecno :

Your team is quite good to work with. The oscilloscope is really useful to solve problems with electronic cards. If you can get used to it, you should have no problem with your repairs or revisions.

Being able to create and print the pieces you want is the golden dream of every restorer and DIY fan.

I hope you have a lot of fun.